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My thought about Arashi’s decision news!

Hi, everyone!

I wanna share my thought about this Arashi’s news.


Actually in a time like this I really can’t choose my words well. I don’t know how to describe it perfectly in any language. I just can’t easily share my thought at social media too. From yesterday, all I could do is just cry and cry until this morning. I even didn’t sleep well last night. And now is the moment I finally can control my tears and feelings well. Though maybe I could crying again after this. So, this is all about Arashi and my entire life nine years back as Arashi’s fan.

Since I might confuse about what language I could use to confess my feeling, I trying to type it with English first.

First of all, I know I am is just one of all people in this world who shocked about the news from Arashi’s leader, Satoshi following its member, Nino, Jun, Aiba and Sho.

They’re doing a great job in their entire life for about 20 years. So, actually in my somewhere in my heart there might a chance they must be very tired.

They were have been my hero in my life, my best friend, my brother, my man, my boyfriend, my family, and all bonds might never couldn’t be enough. They are the best energy I could have. I didn’t know what my life might be if their existence didn’t exist in this world. This is really a hard news for me. I was doing my Arashi’s songs flashback, and I just realize their existence were always stick in at every corner within my entire life.

Let’s spend this two years more to support Arashi with all our might. And so, I just could pray, after the hiatus, after their perfect break, Arashi especially my ichiban, Satoshi will surely come back to us, to their fans❤.

Thank you, and congratulation about your 20th anniversary, Arashi! I love you, we love you, and always be 🙂

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Dream and … reality?

I’ve drawn you.
Maybe in my dream.
I known your face already.
And I’m in love with you.
But I haven’t met you.
I could see you, everywhere.
In a photo,
In a digital screen, like at my phone.
It’s feel easy,
very simple,
yet very complicated.
Especially when I want to meet you.
We are too far away.

Are our love mutual?
Are we in a relationship already?
It is alright for me to feel happy?

Even if you’re just living in my dream.
I hope I didn’t going crazy.
So please just let me sleep.
But if we are in a strict reality,
Please don’t make me realize it.

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Where’d I supposedly live on?

In a dream or

In a reality?

I just eventually

Living on both

But recently

I don’t know why

It hard to do

A dream makes me happy

But It just can’t really happend to life

But for a reality

It really hard to face it

I just don’t know how to live

On my own

[writen at 12nd June 2018, 10.28 AM]

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For Who?

For someone

Who occationally hold that mic,

Who occationally sung a song

for some fans out there


You are not that bright, or

You are not that eye-catching too

Because you just usually

Wears simple clothes, or

Wears cheap thing

But sometimes

I think

You are bright enough

I like your smiles

I like your jokes

Despite your scared-face-like,

Despite your scared-body-size,

You’re cute enough



I really hate you.

I hate your naughty-activity-background

I hate that you’re not watch out to yourself

I hate that you’re too relaxed

Don’t be ridiculous please.

[ditulis tgl 19 May 2018 5.33 PM]